The project includes an exclusive 40,000 SF Mercedes-Benz dealership facility together with 40,000 SF of retail and 30,000 SF of office space, and the completion of Century Boulevard. The two-story retail/office component will maintain the continuity and scale of Main Street, incorporate below-grade parking for the office tenants, and provide retail parking on the surface. The office entrance and elevator lobby will be integrated into the retail frontage at a point where pedestrian traffic links from the street through to the parking area. The dealership has a primary focus to MD Route 118 and will function, both from a circulation and operational standpoint, completely independently from the retail/office component. The service functions will be accommodated below-grade, avoiding their negative and unsightly nature. Total project cost was $13.6M. The dealership was the first Autohaus project to be approved by MB.

With 40,000 square feet of retail and 30,000 square feet of office space not affiliated with the dealership, this building seamlessly blends the two components onto one site, with service bays in the basement to maximize the above-ground features.



Germantown, Maryland



Coakley Williams



52,500 square feet